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My name is Matthew, Attorney by Day, Magician by nature. Since a child, magic has been integral to my life. Nothing brings me joy as much as watching the look of aww come over a spectator's face after a trick, or hearing a jury verdict come back in favor for my client. Some say, it takes my magic skills to accomplish both. I should let you be the judge of that. I have performed for children and adults in various settings. I am looking to take my magic to the next level with great mentors and perhaps even a partner to at least try to do a show with.

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Up to 100 mi.

Up to 25 mi. before charging extra

West Hollywood, CA, USA

Will travel. Expenses quoted separately.

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Anniversary , Birthday Party , Celebration , Church Event , Convention , Corporate Event , Festival , Fund Raiser , Holiday Party , Hospital Event , Private Party , School Event , Specialty Themed , Unique Event , Wedding

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All Ages , Suit to Audience , Seniors , Adults , Young Adults , Teens , Kids

Non-Magical Talents

Martial Arts and Fighting in general. Black belts in various martial arts styles, seasoned and alleged street fighting magician. At 5 foot nothing, and a 130 lbs give or take, an alleged track record of about 48 street fights with never sustaining anything remotely resembling a loss, none of which was ever against a smaller person, I have a lot to offer those interested in street survival. I'm also a 15 year seasoned trial attorney having practiced in some of the toughest, most competitive areas of law known to mankind. I'm also quite funny (and that was not an example of my humor).

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Remember, no matter how good you are, you can always learn something from another passionate magician; always keep your mind open and ego in check.

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