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The Worldwide Online Directory for Magic Talent is The Best Directory using the newest technology, including App feature availability, to promote, advertise, and access magicians—connecting them to audiences everywhere. A search for magic can be easily located by talent and relocated by putting magician's portraits on the Magic Mantel.

We ask the first questions audiences and event planners want to know. Commission-free event information will be supplied to a "preferred" list of magicians for possible booking requested by Event Planners. PUBLIC access is narrowed to portrait profile preferences. WE ARE NOT A BOOKING AGENCY.

Search data criteria is meant to guide audiences without being fully disclosed. For example, your hometown will be listed but NOT your home address. FAQs will be updated as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do subscriptions start?
Beginning PUBLIC LAUNCH date.
What if I'm traveling outside my hometown radius?
Use "Traveling thru" feature and you will automatically be listed for the city/country you will be in for a specific time.
What if I'm booked or just unavailable for certain calendar dates?
Use your calendar to "black-out" dates.
Who can I contact for further infomation?,
Will I be alerted before my subscription runs out?


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