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  1. Magic Dan & Steph Sugar (Quinn Stefani)

    Performing at Albuqadabra 2019

    Sat, Apr 6th @ 7:00pm @

    Description - Albuqadabra - An Evening of Magic "I.B.M. Ring 90, the local affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, in conjunction with the Albuquerque Magicians Club, presents Albuqadabra, An evening of magical entertainment for the entire family. We will be featuring more than a dozen of some of New Mexico's best magicians performing all kinds of magic on the stage at the South Broadway Cultural Center. The show also includes the Magic of Grand Illusionist Michael St. Lyon. If you enjoy live magic then don't miss this show. Albuqadabra starts at 7:00 pm but the doors to the lobby open at 6:30 pm and there will be magicians performing in the lobby before the show." NO REFUNDS- ALL SALES ARE FINAL 1
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